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Long Stick Fuse Renewal.
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Aren't we glad that we don't have to do this on a windy day? And we thought that fuse wire was going out of fashion.


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Honestly sometimes I envy them. Customers are usually happy to get the power back on and aren't prissy about stuff. But dealing with (in the US) up to 30,000ish volts on some primaries.... with a wet pole, on a windy day... not knowing if the transformer is internally faulty when you close the fuse...

I REALLY don't like bangs (my colleague pokes fun at me for this)... but switching a main switch on with a BS3036 fuse is a lot more up close and personal (albeit at lower energy) than that job

I really liked the HV switching when i was in training, but wasn't allowed to be anything other than an observer. The highest energy i've dealt with personally was closing a busbar coupling switch on a substation with 2 x 1.5MVA transformers... praying that the 'yep they're wired right' indicators were correct

it's swings and roundabouts.

Thanks for the link, a new youtube subscription
Kelly Marie
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That takes some skill to do that I've ways admired linemen who gou out in muddy or snowy fields to do this sort of work. 
20 Years ago - Back when I was a farmer (This was in Zimbabwe) - I often had to re-set what we called, "D irons" - these were on the Secondary side (400 odd volts) of high level pole mounted transformers - maybe 8m up - and I'd have to push them back in with a PVC pole - just a drain pipe really. This pole mounted transformer used to supply a cotton Gin and if there was an overload - those , "D Irons" used to drop out. There was certainly no fuse wire involved. We'd shut down everything, reset the "fuse" and then turn everything back on - slowly.

Do we have similar here in England?

In 20 years of being here as a spark - I've not come across one but I work around London and not very often on pole mounted transformer supplies. 


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