The Near Future of Conversational AI - Are Chatbots and voice-based AI about to change our world?

Typically we overestimate the power and the long-term progress of AI. We imagine killer nanorobots, world domination by tech coupled with a total dystopian view to complete the picture. Similarly, we have a habit of underestimating the power and capability of AI in the short term. On 18th June 2020, we peered over the immediate horizon to take a look at what is going on in the applied field of conversational AI. COVID19 has rearranged our lives in more ways than one, and perhaps we are just about to witness something quite extraordinary with chatbots and voice-based systems coming to the fore. Are you sitting comfortably? Are you strapped into your seat? Let's take a ride through tomorrow's world today.

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Keith Blackmun
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Aug 19, 2020