IET 1st July 2021 - Quality Attenuation and its Impact on Understanding Broadband Performance

IET 1st July - Quality Attenuation and its Impact on Understanding Broadband Performance by Gavin Young MIEEE, FIET<br /> Head of Vodaphone Fixed Access Centre of Excellence - Vodaphone<br /> <br /> Gavin is responsible within Vodafone Group for the fixed broadband access technology strategy, architecture, vendor roadmaps and standards across the 17 countries where Vodafone currently has fixed access assets. This encompasses fibre, cable and DSL access technologies together with the associated fixed-mobile convergence and virtualisation aspects.<br /> <br /> Gavin was previously Head of Strategy & Planning in Cable & Wireless Worldwide, leading a team of architects responsible for the technology architecture and strategy for all network technologies. He was a founding member of Bulldog Communications (later acquired by C&W) where he held a variety of responsibilities from product development through to network operations and CTO. Prior to that, Gavin lead the Access Architecture & Design team at BT.<br /> <br /> Gavin was a founding Director of the Broadband Forum, where he was overall Technical Chairman for twelve years. In addition, he has been co-chair of the UK21CN consultation’s Broadband Group, chair of the UK NICC’s DSL Task Group and also vice-chair of the NICC Ethernet Access Task Group. Gavin serves on the IET Communications Policy Panel, the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board (OSAB), Broadband Forum’s executive advisory board and is active in CableLabs activities. Gavin is a member of the IEEE, Fellow of the IET and Distinguished Fellow of the Broadband Forum.<br />

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Aug 3, 2021