The Eyes of the Few by Graham Murchie

A world first - the story of Bawdsey Radar<br /> <br /> In February 1936 research scientists occupied Bawdsey Manor House and the stables and outbuildings were converted into workshops. On 24th September 1937, RAF Bawdsey became the first fully operational Radar station in the world. 240ft wooden receiver towers and 360ft steel transmitter towers were built and Bawdsey became the first Chain Home Radar Station.<br /> <br /> By the outbreak of World War 2 a chain of radar stations was in place around the coast of Britain. RAF Bawdsey was unique in that it had Coast Defence (CD), Chain Home Low (CHL) and Chain Home (CH) equipment together on one site. More usually, CH stations only operated one system and acted as a parent station to those operating the CHL role.<br /> <br /> Radar stations such as Bawdsey were to prove invaluable intelligence during the Second World War and particularly during the Battle of Britain when 2,600 Luftwaffe planes were set against the RAF’s 640. 2020 was the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Covid-19 prevented us from presenting last year but nonetheless Graham's talk will be a timely reminder of the early development of radar and how it was used successfully in operation to material effect on the outcome of the war.

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Jun 25, 2021