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Tribology is the science and technology of interactive surfaces in relative motion. It incorporates various scientific and technological disciplines such as surface chemistry, fluid mechanics, materials, lubricants, contact mechanics, bearings, and lubrication systems. It is customarily divided into three fields: friction, lubrication, and wear, and most work in tribology covers at least two of these.

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Welcome to the IET's Tribology Network, we bring together engineers working in the field of Tribology wherever in the world you are based, you are welcome to join us!  If you haven't already, please login, join the group and introduce yourself to fellow engineers.

a9df74ade2dfc7c07fe7e22077b258a8-huge-trFriction, Lubrication and Wear (FLW) or Tribology as we know it!
If you missed the New Challenges in Tribology Conference at the end of March, here is a round-up from the event.


e2b46869b01512f79817f7c4d075e564-huge-ioThe Tribology TPN supports the event of the IOP Tribology Group which was formed in 1980 to provide a forum for the discussion of current developments in fundamental aspects of interacting surfaces.  Tribology, which broadly covers the field of friction, wear and lubrication of surfaces in relative motion, is an interdisciplinary subject drawing on knowledge from the fields of physics, chemistry, metallurgy and engineering. The group organises events and awards prizes in its field.  You can find out more information about the group and its events here.

Click here to see the latest newsletter from Tribonet   You can also see more informaton on their website here.

UK Tribology - Inaugural Seminar
The IET Tribology Network is a partner organisation in UK Tribology which is a multi-institution collaboration designed to raise awareness of the subject and application of tribology; the study of interacting surfaces in relative motion or, in layman's terms: friction, wear and lubrication.

The first national event of UK Tribology will be held on 21 February 2019 at the National Physical Laboratory at Teddington.  The topic will be 
Future Cities and mobility: the challenges for Tribology.  Click here for the latest copy of the programme.  There are still some student places available free of charge at the event, so apply asap to pick up this opportunity.


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The IET’s Tribology Network provides opportunities for Tribology Professionals to keep up to date with latest developments and insights in the world of tribology as well as connecting with other professionals.  This community focuses on the implementation of Tribology methodologies into the industrial application as well as raising the profile of the benefits of doing so.   read more...
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