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Tribology is the science and technology of interactive surfaces in relative motion. It incorporates various scientific and technological disciplines such as surface chemistry, fluid mechanics, materials, lubricants, contact mechanics, bearings, and lubrication systems. It is customarily divided into three fields: friction, lubrication, and wear, and most work in tribology covers at least two of these.


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Tribology is the technology of physical interfaces in relative motion



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Rich Baker and Geoff Kermode presented the latest instalment of the IET Tribology Tour in Belfast last Wednesday. The Tribology Tour bringing Tribology to life by showing how Tribology underpins so many essential aspects of our technology and quality of life. It also provides an introduction to the concepts and principles underpinning Tribology ... read more...
Posted by Mr Robert Allen on IET Tribology Network Jan 25, 2016 2:46 PM GMT

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