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Our Latest Webinars

3b1e7adfa33f853beeafbece9876561a-huge-geThe science and "so what?" of space weather Webinar - Space environment impacts on SatCom 
9 Feb 2021 2pm-3.20pm

Dr Gemma Attrill, one of the speakers at Milsatcoms will describe the outputs from the sun as the drivers of space weather that we experience in the near-Earth environment. She will explore the impact that space weather can have on contemporary engineered systems, its implications for future technologies and show how pervasive the solar outputs are for our modern way of life – both in space and on the ground.  Register for this free webinar.

8d0ff6cd668dbeedd7c0a4003d6c1b1e-huge-emDon’t forget to check out our Webinar Hub for details of all the other IET Technical Network webinars and you can even catch up OnDemand with content from previous webinars if you missed registering for these the first-time round.

4c874600ad065bdf06f8a7e1f81c5dde-huge-miMilSatComs 9-12 March 2021 – 1.45pm-5pm GMT  

Milsatcoms 2021 will address the latest developments shaping the Milsatcom industry including policy updates, technology trends, infrastructure advancement and existing environment threats.
This will be held as an online event next year and for further details and how to register

Please note that the last day of the early bird rate for Milsatcoms is 10 February.

The Satellite Network Collaboration Partners

97b904639572f0fbbbc8497a3cf2f7cb-huge-biThe British Interplanetary Society (BIS) promotes the exploration and use of space for the benefit of humanity, by connecting people to create, educate and inspire, and advance knowledge in all aspects of astronautics.  The British Interplanetary Society is one of the world’s leading think tanks on space development. The BIS organises lectures and conferences, produces general and technical publications, brings its members together to network and cooperate on projects, informs space policy and it represents the UK in space activities throughout the world.


8a0ab378f7723acddbe76588ac6db901-huge-suThe Space Universities Network provides resources and events to support university teaching staff of space science and engineering in the UK. They aim to enhance the quality of learning and teaching by providing support and resources to the higher education space science and engineering community. They wish to help create a skilled workforce of graduates who can meet the challenges of future space exploration.  

4d501321a171f501cb314dfeebb7d2c6-huge-ukUKSEDS is the UK’s national student space society. They run space projects, host conferences, workshops, and careers events, and do outreach all over the country.
Membership is free and open to students of all disciplines.


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Despite the distractions of the current situation, the IAF Student Paper Competition again had a very good level of entries this year; our thanks are due to all the students and their supervisors who helped make this a very high-standard competition. The BIS would also like to extend its thanks to the IET for co-sponsorship and adjudication, and to UKSEDS and the Space Universities Network (SUN) for assisting with the judging.  On 2 May, three undergraduates and three postgraduates faced this intimidating panel of judges in the UK final.   read more...
Posted by Deborah-Claire McKenzie on IET Satellite Network May 18, 2020 5:28 pm BST


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