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We specialise in furthering the knowledge and understanding of satellites, space vehicles and earth stations used in communications, navigation, earth observation, remote sensing and space exploration.


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COMSAT 2016 - Call for Papers
A call for papers for the IET's Conference to be held on 7-8 December 2016 in London has just been issued.  See here for further details and how to submit a paper.

Our Next Events
Rosetta Spacecraft Seminar - June 2016
We are also currently working on a joint seminar with our colleagues in the Aerospace and Robotics & Mechatronics Networks.  Please click here to view our awareness video for this event.  Further details and how to register will be uploaded soon. 


3398c597e620eaeeb1fbb4ef99291c9e-huge-skSkylon Hot Topic Video
Don't forget to watch this video on Skylon that we recorded at the UK Space Conference 2015.

Space UK Conference 2015 Videos
At the 2015 Space UK Conference, we also took the opportunity to film some other short videos which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.  
Click here to access the playlist.


Upcoming Events


The Orion spacecraft pressure vessel arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre where it will undergo vital tests ahead of Exploration Mission-1.  The Orion’s Exploration Mission-1 is due to launch in 2018 where the unmanned vessel will fly beyond the moon. It is due to travel for 3 weeks to test its capacity for future deep space travel. Why is it such a big ... read more...


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