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We specialise in furthering the knowledge and understanding of satellites, space vehicles and earth stations used in communications, navigation, earth observation, remote sensing and space exploration.


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Best Poster Competition - Call for Posters
If you are an early career professional either at University, or working in industry/academia, the Satellite Systems & Applications Network invites you to submit a poster on ‘Game Changing Satellite Applications and Their Commercialisation’ for our Best Poster competition.

Submit your poster for the opportunity to win a place at the Reinventing Space Conference where you can present your work and network with industry experts.  

We've also recorded this video as well.

Please help us to promote this competition by circulating this flyer.


The Rosetta Spacecraft Seminar – unlocking the secrets of the solar systemf72b4478d3111a7ea0dbb8639ffdcf77-huge-ro
23 June 2016 – London – 18.00-20.20
This event will highlight the latest results, while also showcasing the advanced engineering and mission design that has been needed to ensure the spacecraft survived its long eleven-year journey from Earth to the outer solar system. Early registration for this event is advisable, to avoid disappointment. 


Have you ever wondered what happens to a human body at 9G?
Then Click here to find out in our excellent videos recorded at QinetiQ Farnborough. In additon to the Human Centrifuge video, there are videos on the MarsExo Rover Clean Room Testing and the Thrusters used on the Mercury Mission.


COMSAT 2016 - Call for Papers
A call for papers for the IET's Conference to be held on 7-8 December 2016 in London has just been issued.  See here for further details and how to submit a paper.

3398c597e620eaeeb1fbb4ef99291c9e-huge-skSkylon Hot Topic Video
Don't forget to watch this video on Skylon that we recorded at the UK Space Conference 2015.

Space UK Conference 2015 Videos
At the 2015 Space UK Conference, we also took the opportunity to film some other short videos which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.  
Click here to access the playlist.


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As we develop an increasing on-orbit capability to collect gigabytes or more data from our remote sensing satellites, the challenge of getting it back to the ground becomes increasingly demanding. To provide insight into the solutions being developed to address this challenge, the Satellite Systems and Applications TPN arranged an evening ... read more...


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