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We specialise in furthering the knowledge and understanding of satellites, space vehicles and earth stations used in communications, navigation, earth observation, remote sensing and space exploration.


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Winner of TPN Best Poster Competition ​dc37a903737fb60e34146894463565d7-huge-pa
The TPN are pleased to announce that the winner of their Game Changing Satellite Applications Poster Competition is Paul Iliffe.  More information about Paul and his winning poster can be found here


What are the biggest challenges facing the Satellite Systems & Applications/Space Sector?
Please contribute to our discussion forum and have your say. 
A welcome to the 2016-17 session giving highlights of some of our excellent events cand be found in this Community Manager's Blog by Deborah-Claire McKenzie

World Space Week 2016 - Remote Sensing Satellite Systems for Global Sustainability
We recorded the presentations at this event and will post the link to these up here soon.

f72b4478d3111a7ea0dbb8639ffdcf77-huge-roRosetta Spacecraft 
Earlier in the summer the Aerospace, Satellite Systems & Applications and Robotics & Mechatronics TPNs joined together to organise an evening seminar on the Rosetta Mission.  The two presenters Dr Paolo Ferri and Dr Mark Bentley  agreed to answer questions on the mission, so please go to our discussion forum where you can post your questions and view the presentation slides here.

Young Space Professionals wanted for Fun Kids Radio Project
Please see this blog for further details.

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The Satellite Systems & Applications TPN are pleased to announce that the winner of their  'Game Changing Satellite Applications' Best Poster competition is Paul Iliffe. Paul is a mechanical and aerospace engineer with a passion for spaceflight. In 2007 he obtained a 1 st class MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, UK, with ... read more...

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