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ca69df376f5c5530d696faaa748c6449-huge-plAre you interested in Remote Sensing Satellites?
Don't forget to catch-up with this blog and watch the presentations by Dr Vanessa Lawrence CB and Ralph Cordey, two first class speaker from the industrial and commercial sector.


cfd999e0a3aea1036fba757131ce2142-huge-saAre you ready to kick start your SatComs Career?
If you are starting your career in satellite engineering, or have recently recruited new graduates  – you and your team will benefit from the IET’s Satellite Communications industry standard course.

This is one of the most comprehensive satellite courses available, combining both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, so make sure you visit the website today to secure one of the limited places!


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Keep up to date with all the Satellite news here and for whats going in Space here.

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Earlier this session the Satellite Systems & Applications Network hosted two excellent speakers on the topic of Remote Sensing Satellite Systems for Global Sustainability and I'd like to draw your attention to the presentations in this blog which are well worth watching.  The speakers from  the technical and commercial sectors outline how ... read more...



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