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We specialise in furthering the knowledge and understanding of satellites, space vehicles and earth stations used in communications, navigation, earth observation, remote sensing and space exploration.


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f72b4478d3111a7ea0dbb8639ffdcf77-huge-roRosetta Spacecraft the end of a Mission

On Thursday evening, controllers of the Rosetta spacecraft commanded the Rosetta Spacecraft to change course to deliberately crash itself into Comet 67P on 30 September.  The probe is not  expected to survive the crash.  This brings to an end an amazing mission for the probe which arrived at 67P in 2014 after a 10 year journey from Earth.  Click here for further details.

 Earlier in the summer the Aerospace, Satellite Systems & Applications and Robotics & Mechatronics TPNs joined together to organise an evening seminar on the Rosetta Mission.  The two presenters Dr Paolo Ferri and Dr Mark Bentley  agreed to answer questions on the mission, so please go to our discussion forum where you can post your questions and view the presentation slides here.

View speakers at upcoming Remote Sensing Satellite Systems event 10 October 2016:


There's still time to register for our World Space Week 2016 - Remote Sensing Satellite Systems for Global Sustainability
10 October 2016 - Society of Medicine, Wimpole Street, London

Dr Vanessa Lawrence, Global Advisor for Geospatial Information, World Bank Group and Dr Ralph Cordey, Earth Observation Key Account Manager, Airbus Defence and Space will be presenting at our evening seminar which forms part of the 2016 World Space Week.

The speakers will discuss future trends in remote sensing systems with technical and commercial experts to better understand how satellites are assisting in the management of the Earths natural resources.  To register for this event and for further details please click here


Young Space Professionals wanted for Fun Kids Radio Project
Please see this blog for further details.

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One of the IET's Education Partners, Fun Kids Radio who do the Techno Mum children’s radio series for us are developing a new series with a grant from the European Space Agency about the Aurora robotic exploration of Mars.  They are looking for young enthusiastic young space professionals to help them develop this series.   A summary of the project is ... read more...


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