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This is a free to join technical community which brings together professionals either working in or interested in power engineering and technological disciplines to exchange knowledge and develop ideas in the technical field.


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Singapore NW Talk 31 Aug 20
Fundamentally, the desired result of a diagnostic test is to determine the status of the apparatus as to whether an abnormality is detected, how critical it is, and how soon it will require attention. The justification for the tests is the benefit of having data to support decisions that affect the reliability of the asset. Short of limiting the use of an asset, diagnostic testing is the only reliable and economic approach to ensuring its longevity for reliable and safe operation. Some tests can detect very specific anomalies while others offer a broad assessment of the asset. The scope of this presentation is to consolidate all the current techniques ranging from simple insulation resistance testing to more complex methods such as Frequency Response Analysis for field testing of HV assets using both on-line and off-line techniques and to identify each test’s true capability. The assets are transformers and bushings, rotating machines (HV Motors and Generators), switchgear, surge arresters and cables. Case studies will be included to illustrate the value of the diagnostic test tools .   read more...
Posted by Teck Tan on IET Power Systems and Equipment Network Aug 17, 2020 4:32 pm BST


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