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This Network is for anyone with an active interest in power systems and equipment. It will also be relevant to those involved with the design and operation of generation, transmission and distribution systems including the associated protection and control equipment.


Welcome to the IET Power Systems and Equipment online community.

This is a free to join technical community which brings together professionals either working in or interested in power engineering and technological disciplines to exchange knowledge and develop ideas in the technical field.


Upcoming Event - Particle Accelerator Engineering Network - Annual Event

This event is the ideal networking forum for specialists from Industry, Academia and the National Labs. By attending this event, you will be among those that have contributed to growing our understanding of the world that we live in through projects such as the large hadron collider. Find out more about this event here.



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Join us at the Particle Accelerator Engineering Network annual event on 26-27 October 2017 and hear from industry expert Tobias Juniger who will be speaking on 'Evaluating materials for future superconducting radio-frequency cavities'. See Tobias Juniger's biography below: Tobias Junginger recived his PhD in 2012 from the University of ... read more...
Posted by Carl Resch on IET Power Systems and Equipment Network Oct 5, 2017 12:13 pm BST



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