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A community who see engineering at the heart of all they do in their respective fields of expertise, who wish to promote the role of engineering excellence within the broad spectrum of Manufacturing and associated support functions.


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The UK Government has published a Green Paper titled "Building Our Industrial Strategy". This paper identifies 10 pillars that are believed to be important to drive forward an industrial strategy across the UK economy.

Through this consultation, the IET asks members to critically review the current proposals and status of the NPH and provide evidence that will shape the future of how the NPH is delivered and the benefits it will deliver.
Delivering the ambition for a Post-Brexit UK to create significant social, economic and environmental impact,
this report sets out the how, who, what, when, where and why for action on sustainable manufacturing over a five-year period.

Download the report and read it at your leisure. If you have any comments on its contents and or if you’d like to know more
about the IET’s work in this space please do get in touch via email at

A very useful map on #manufacturing in the UK - #ukmfg.


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This blog explores the interrelationships between Materiality, Sociomateriality and Socio Technical systems to reflect on issues associated with implementation of technology to support procurement business processes. It is written from a change-management perspective and indicates the importance of understanding how technology is used in practice if theoretical benefits are to be realised. read more...
Posted by Christopher Proudfoot on IET Manufacturing Network Jun 27, 2018 1:08 pm BST


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