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This community is dedicated to consider the impact of Digital Technologies (for example Blockchain/Distributed Ledger on Supply Chain) on a mix of industries, ranging from Financial Services to Manfacturing.  Focussing on the transformation/change that result from the introduction of these Digitial technologies  - Blockchain/Distributed Ledger.

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Over the last few years, a number of disruptive technologies have developed that threaten companies by changing their supply chains.  The prime focus of the introduction of Blockchain technology today is to the change in Financial Services, but this technology will also have an impact on health systems and most production supply chains.  The drive around Blockchain (aka Distributed or Shared Ledger) today, and much of the discussion, is on the technical aspects: the development of ‘standard’ integrated services that support a series of functions such as shared ledger, cryptography, immutable records, peer to peer communication and high resilience.  Businesses need to consider that with the introduction of this technology there will also be a significant impact on their operations and legal departments.  
There is the opportunity that parts or the whole supply chain will form shared contracts within the Blockchain – form smart contracts – this may be permissioned (amongst an agreed set of parties), or un-permissioned. This means that part of a business supply chain will be open to a broader set of the accessors – new entrants and the data will also be open to external reporting – including by the central regulators.  

What is clear is that businesses need to embrace this disruptive technology, to understand how they can use it to their benefit, and optimise their supply chain.   They cannot stand by while new innovative intermediaries use this disruptive technology to disintermediate their supply chain.

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