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A distinct community that brings together the automotive and road infrastructure sectors, with a particular focus on the use of technologies and related applications, to improve the performance and safety of the road network and vehicles using this infrastructure.


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98ba95bcd351b8dbf4302c235d7048e9-huge-smSMEs from all sectors are invited to apply for £35,000 R&D Programme to solve real-life NHS issue. Application forms and more details are available online


Benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems
John Walker from the ARTS TPN Executive Team has written this document for ITS(UK) which may be of interest to community members. Please click here to view the document.


f97f13de8ffc6c2bf852471394b509e5-huge-trTransport Sector Insight: Big Data in Transport
Data is becoming increasingly significant in the management and use of transport systems. Across all modes of transport, there is now a considerable quantity and diversity of data available for operators to improve performance, efficiency, service provision, safety and security. 

This Insight by Matthew Clarke at ATKINS Transportation explores Big Data management, best practice and challenges.


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 It seems like everyone in the industry is trying to be at the forefront of the driverless car technology, but in Singapore, you can in fact hop into a driverless taxi and go for a ride. And it's even free. Is it really driverless - no, not at the test stage. There is still a driver in the front, but the cars are doing the driving themselves, and the driver is only ... read more...


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