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bdf3d728e04ea83abb630ac5b5dfff77-huge-shAutomotive Cybersecurity - 21 October 2020 at 11.00hrs
This webinar discusses the challenges faced by the automotive industry in the light of increasing cyber risk and offers practical strategies for addressing them, based on the latest cutting-edge research. Our speakers will look at the benefits of connecting vehicles, to each other and the wider world, in ways that enable performance that is beyond individual human drivers. 

The speakers will be Aileen Ryan, Senior Director of Portfolio Strategy, Mentor, a Siemens Business, David Evans, Connected Vehicle Lead, Applus IDIADA and Paul Wooderson MEng CEng MIET, Cybersecurity Principal Engineer & Team Leader, HORIBA MIRA.  For further details and how to register please click here.

8d0ff6cd668dbeedd7c0a4003d6c1b1e-huge-emDon’t forget to check out our Webinar Hub for details of all the other IET Technical Network webinars and you can even catch up with content from previous webinars if you missed registering for these the first-time round.

Here are a couple of updates of interest from the IET's Transport Sector Panel and one of our EngShort related videos:
Will the UK transport industry meet net-zero targets?
EngShort: will the UK transport industry meet net-zero targets?
The responsibility to drastically reduce our impact on the climate falls onto all areas of society. Is the UK transport sector ensuring net-zero goals will be met? Our transport sector accounts for large amounts of CO2 emissions and other pollutants which cause extensive air quality issues. Despite targets being set for electric vehicles, we need more low-carbon sustainable solutions.
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Can sharing and using transport data help with COVID-19 and beyond?
Instead of looking at more transport graphics that show how overall traffic flows have reduced and cycling and walking have increased, this blog looks at the impacts on transport data itself. The ways in which we use and understand transport data, share this information and its use in the future, are all changes that have happened as a result of COVID-19.
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Urban transport
How will urban transport change after lockdown?
As those who cannot work from home are encouraged to return to work, this Centre for Cities event looked at the impact of the pandemic and lockdown on how we travel and discussed the future of urban transport. What might be the ‘new normal’ for urban transport in the coming months and years?
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Electrification in Motorsports - University teams
It was good to be back at Coventry Transport Museum for the third time with the ever-popular IET Electrification in Motorsport event back in March. Surrounded by one of the world’s largest collections of historical British vehicles, it’s hard to imagine a better venue to showcase the future of racing. read more...


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