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An online community for everyone with an interest in the effective transfer and application of pre-existing technologies and knowledge from one industrial sector to help meet a challenge or challenges in another.

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Welcome to the Horizontal Innovation™ Community 

The IET actively promotes Horizontal Innovation™ through its strategic engagement with partners from industry and academia, an annual conference, and a dedicated category within the annual innovation awards.

Share your thoughts and experiences, post your ideas and content and find out about the latest initiatives here … Some of our greatest challenges may already have an answer … Help us find them!


The Small Robot Company has continued to develop and promote its agri-tech solution, a precision seed-drilling robot called Harry since wining an IET and High Value Manufacturing Catapult’s Horizontal Innovation™ award earlier in 2018. For more information visit the IET’s dedicated Horizontal Innovation™ website at

The IET’s Design and Production Sector Executive Committee is currently reviewing the IET’s Horizontal Innovation™ strategy with the view to deliver new initiatives in 2019. If you have an interest in exploring how existing technologies and innovations, created in a particular engineering sector, can be used to provide solutions in another, do please get in touch!
Alan Howard, Design & Manufacturing Lead, IET Strategic Engagement & Partnerships. | @alanmarketing  

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The Small Robot Company (SMR), a British agritech start-up, has been actively promoting its precision seed-drilling robot, Harry since receiving an award of £50,000 worth of funded research provided by the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC). read more...
Posted by Alan Howard on Horizontal Innovation Community Sep 18, 2018 4:32 pm BST


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