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EVI-GTI is a membership organisation for the Gas Turbine Instrumentation Community. Created in response to a need for a focal point and greater coherence in the sector, the organisation results from a 3-year EU funded GROWTH project.
EVI-GTI, with its web-based ‘virtual’ infrastructure, spans organisational, cultural and geographical boundaries, improved collaboration and communication, and aids the alignment of strategic aims, enabling the maximisation of resources.
- Manufacturers of gas turbine engines and turbo systems  
- Instrumentation supply chain companies
- Research institutes and universities
- Users of industrial gas turbines
“In a market place that demands improved engine products, reduced cost of ownership, shorter time to market and with a rapidly growing interest in “by the hour” type service agreements, there is a need for gas turbine manufacturers to focus their attention and resources on core competencies, reduced costs and increased operational flexibility and speed. The resulting use of already limited resources in these areas means that the development of advanced sensors and sensor technologies is likely to shift towards specialists (universities, research organisations and instrumentation supply chain companies) who are innovative, have considerable existing experience and understand the route to commercial exploitation.”

See our "Lab-Gap Matrix" by clicking on "files" for a set of consensus industry requirements
Note: this is a summary version. To access the full version, your organisation needs to be a memebr of EVI-GTI


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Announcement and Call for Technical Presentations  
Posted by Joanne Longton on EVI-GTI Feb 27, 2018 12:44 pm GMT



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