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The PEMD sector is subject to enormous innovation and growth, and keeping abreast of technology and market trends is ever more important. We aim to bring into one place, information on all relevant activities (within and without the IET), and develop a series of low cost seminars / colloquia to supplement the headline IET PEMD and ACDC Conferences.

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This is a network aiming to serve the PEMD community. It is open to IET members and non members.

We welcome you to get involved, participate in events and share ideas. You are encouraged to share anything of interest to the PEMD Community.

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 New Product Development Challenges through Covid 19

For all TN webinars, check out the content hub on the IET Website.

We welcome your ideas for future events! Come and introduce yourself here

PEMD 2019

SiC devices, reliability, converters and applications - tutorial

Advanced Propulsion Centre at the University of Warwick

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Did you attend our latest Network event on Test Rigs?  Share your thoughts, photos and ideas!

Read an event review from the IET PEMD Chair - Bill Drury

Challenges Test Rigs for Power Electronics, Motors and Drives

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Join the discussion on ways to stop the decline in the number of engineers and how to improve diversity within the profession, with the Driving the Electric Revolution team, guest host Jacqui Murray, Deputy Director of the Faraday Battery Challenge and others. #DrivingElectricRevolution #Diversity #STEM This Thursday ... read more...
Posted by William Drury on IET Power Electronics, Machines & Drives Aug 24, 2020 2:23 pm BST


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  • PEMD TPN - Passive Components 0 A TPN event held in Austin Court Birmingham to discuss latest developments, opportunities and challenges in passive components. Presentations from the event can now be viewed online using the link below.
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    Date created: 19/01/16 11:35 am