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Growing volunteer support and resources is a priority for the IET, and one recent investment has been providing a good induction on how the IET works. 

The latest addition to this suite of materials is a new virtual tour of Michael Faraday House. Bringing alive the IET’s headquarters, this series of films will give volunteers the opportunity to ‘walk’ around the building and be introduced to the various teams and their functions. 

Another resource launched for IET volunteers this year is online policy acknowledgement for current legislation relating to key IET policies. Volunteers will be able to undertake modules on topics such as data protection, better familiarising themselves with UK law and boosting their CPD. Moreover, volunteers will gain a thorough understanding of IET policies, before reading and accepting them. 

Find out more about the resources available to volunteers at: www.theiet.org/volunteers

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We’re really excited to tell you about all the improvements we’ve been making to the Toolkit! Our goal is to make the Toolkit your go to place when thinking about any marketing around your Local Network and its events. Log in now to have a look.   Engineering Communities launched on Friday 8 th January which gave us a great excuse to freshen up all the old ... read more...
Posted by Teresa Elder on Volunteer Support Feb 12, 2016 3:27 PM GMT


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