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With increasing demand for IET academic accreditation both in the UK and overseas, the IET needs to recruit and train new Accreditors.

By becoming an Accreditor, you will not only become part of a dynamic team but you will also be able to influence the development of accreditation and therefore the very future of tomorrow’s engineers.  It is also an excellent opportunity to both network with peers, from the academic and industrial world, and to keep in touch with the current research conducted within Higher Education. 

We are looking for Accreditors from all backgrounds, both academics and industrialists, with a particular need currently for more Accreditors with Mechanical, Manufacturing and Biomedical experience - although due to the ever expanding world of engineering, other backgrounds are also needed.  

For more information please visit our webpage on becoming an Accreditor

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In our January blog post we wanted to get the message across to our communities volunteers what a great tool Adestra is to reach out to members and non-members within your Local Network (LN).   Following on from the post we have had a big increase of new user requests - 13 since January, bringing the total amount of LNs with access to the tool to 43.   Still, the ... read more...
Posted by Teresa Elder on IET Volunteers Apr 20, 2016 12:23 PM BST


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