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If you would like to write for IET Volunteers please email 
volunteer@theiet.org to register your interest in posting a blog.


Volunteering for the IET? Have you seen the new Volunteer Handbook?
We absolutely depend upon volunteers to maintain our place at the forefront of engineering and technology. IET Volunteers are part of an exceptional team, working in the UK and internationally to make the IET a force to be reckoned with.
This handbook not only provides new volunteers with the basic information they need to get started in their volunteer role, but also includes more detailed references to the governance and structure.
You can find the Volunteer Handbook at www.theiet.org/volunteer-handbook
Not yet volunteering?  Read about the benefits of volunteering at www.theiet.org/why-volunteer


It's been nearly 2 weeks since the new VEB met for the first time at the Savoy Place in London. Find out how the meeting went by reading Alkis Spyrou's blog, you can see this here at  https://communities.theiet.org/groups/blogpost/view/448/427/4329 read more...
Posted by Emma Fell on IET Volunteers Oct 21, 2016 10:57 AM BST

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