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Our aim is to bring together professionals working in science, technology and applications operating at frequencies from Gigahertz to Terahertz.
We hold informal seminars and workshops for both industry and academia, highlighting state-of-the-art technologies in new and emerging areas.


Welcome to the IET RF and Microwave Technology Network's Online Community 

Our engineering and technology events are open to the public - everybody's welcome!
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Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions: IET Colloquium on Millimetre-wave and Terahertz Engineering & Technology 2018
Call for Contributions Deadline - 15 December 2017
For scope please see here

Active and Passive RF Devices Seminar
Call for Contributions Deadline - 1 January 2018
For scope please see here
Upcoming Events


5G - State of Play
24 January 2018
Savoy Place, London


Speakers confirmed so far:

Prof. Mischa Dohler, Head of Centre for Telecommunications Research, King's College London
Prof. Dimitra Simeonidou, Professor of High Performance Networks, University of Bristol, CTO Bristol is Open
Prof. Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, BT
Scott Bailey, Telecoms Directorate, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Ray McConnell, CTO Blu Wireless Technology
Tim Lane, Principal Strategy and Innovation Manager, Network Rail Telecom and Chairman
Prof. Klaus Moessner, Professor in Cognitive Networks, University of Surrey
Prof. Maziar Nekovee, Professor of Telecommunication and Mobile Technologies, Head of Department of Engineering & Design, University of Sussex
Dr. Hamid Karimi, Director, Corporate Strategy, Huawei Technologies, UK



Call for Contributions: IET Colloquium on Millimetre-wave and Terahertz Engineering & Technology 2018

01 March 2018
Austin Court, Birmingham, UK


Active and Passive RF Devices Seminar

30 April 2018
Savoy Place, London, UK

Innovation Awards - Communications Winner
Sponsored by GCHQ

XinlinxSingle-chip 5G Massive-MIMO Antenna Interface
The All Programmable RFSoC overcomes a major barrier to rollout of the 5G networks needed to satisfy exploding demand for high-speed mobile Internet services. It introduces innovative techniques, including direct RF sampling, to dramatically reduce the size, power and complexity of massive-MIMO antenna interfaces, which is critical for commercial deployment.

2017 Shortlist here


Upcoming Events


We have a new RF and Microwave TPN event confirmed – Active and Passive 2018 Following on from the successful event held in May 2017, this event will represent a taste of the latest breakthroughs and developments in the area of RF and Microwave technology. This is a call for contributions event so if you or anyone you know of are working on research in these ... read more...
Posted by Natalia D'Lima on IET RF & Microwave Technology Network Oct 25, 2017 9:27 am BST



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