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“Electronics, Control & Informatics (E,C&I) is one of four technical networks under IET Scotland.  It runs lectures, seminars and other events for Members across Scotland on current topics.  The E,C&I focus has widened during 2013 to reflect key current issues and topics which impact on the traditional heartlands of electronics, control and informatics, including in particular the systems aspects of sustainability, resource resilience, environment, change and innovation.”



Architecting 21st Century systems -
open systems on a closed planet


Date and Time

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances this event has
been postponed and a rescheduled date will be confirmed shortly

date to be confirmed 2015 - 18:30-21:00



GlasgowUnited Kingdom - IET Glasgow: Teacher Building icon_popup  (See map)

About this event

Speaker 1 - Hillary Sillitto

In the first part of this evening’s event, Hillary Sillitto will describe his view of how systems engineering evolved. In its prehistory - from the Pyramids to after WW2 - many successful systems were built but no-one talked about Systems Engineering.  The first and second ages of Systems Engineering were concerned with “closed systems” and “open systems” respectively, but “in an infinite environment”. We are now in the “third age of systems engineering – open systems on a closed planet”. Systems architecting is an essential enabler for successful 21st systems, its purpose being to ensure that the various parts of our systems when connected together and placed in their operating environment, fit together, work together, achieve the required effect, and do not produce unacceptable side effects - and can be kept operational over time and reconfigured to meet “reasonable unforeseen” circumstances.

The theory is all very well, and the examples from other communities are interesting, but how do we make it work for us?


Speaker 2 - Derek Liddle

 For the second part of the event, Derek Liddle, Technical Director of CENSIS, will join Hillary on the platform for a conversation to discuss how architecting principles and skills might best and most usefully be introduced into the CENSIS community, particularly to benefit the high-profile system-of-systems projects, and into the Scottish high tech scene more generally.

 It is hoped and expected that the audience will be provoked to join in the conversation!

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Organized by IET Scotland E,C & I Network

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