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Germany's community has currently around 370 members spread over the region of 357.121 km2. Members are welcome to participate and support activities in and around Germany.


April 2014
A Message From The Chairman
The IET Committee is alive and well and meets by telephone at least twice per month. We are aware that our visibility is low at present but we are doing groundwork so that the IET becomes more meaningful and valuable to engineers in Germany. All the committee members see it as a point of honour to see it become successful but we realise that it will take time to do that. We hope that the IET members will be patient and support us when our endeavours start to bear fruit.

Best regards,

Alistair Gill

To find out about the members of the IET Provisional Committee 2014 in Germany please read this...

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After a false start in January the Germany IET LN finally managed to visit the acclaimed Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen near Stuttgart on Saturday 9th. May. After polling members using Doodle we decided that a weekend visit would be appropriate even it meant missing the chance of a combining the museum visit with a factory tour. This time there was no ... read more...
Posted by Euring Howard Gray on IET Germany Network Jul 7, 2015 7:37 PM BST


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