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The SoCal Network organises technical lectures, visits and other events in and around Southern California, with most of our members living in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties. All are welcome to attend events, including non-IET members, as well as friends and family.
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Welcome to the IET Southern California Online Community

To stay informed about upcoming events and to network with other members in the Southern California engineering and technology community, please register for a free account on Engineering Communities (or use your MyIET member login) and also follow us on Twitter @IET_SoCal, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You should also subscribe to the California Newsletter, and any other newsletters of interest to you. For more info, contact the Community Organizing Committee.
UC San Diego - Triton Racing Team - Nov 5th, 2016.
We took advantage of a fiscally conservative year, and the Americas Community Committee meeting in San Diego to visit the UC San Diego Formula SAE team, Team Triton. As always we have a writeup in our blog
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning - Oct 1st, 2016.
Continuing our efforts to provide intesresting and informative events to everybody the Local Network has the opportunity to learn all about disaster recovery and business continuity planning  strategies, this write-up
How to Map the Earth (or what was the Space Shuttle for) - Sept 10th, 2016.
This was the title of an excellent talk filled with personal insights from one of the JPL scientists involved in creating Digital Elevation Maps of earth using Synthetic Aperture Radars carried in orbit by the Space Shuttle. A fraction of what the attendees learned can be found in the blog

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The Southern Californian Local Network (SoCal LN) is always looking for new and different ways to reach out to Young Professionals and other than the PATW competition there has been limited success in recruiting YPs in an environment where there is a misperception that membership of the IET is of limited benefit to those living in the US.  In an effort to ... read more...
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