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IET Local Networks
A group who promote science, engineering and technology, encourage people to enter the profession and provide opportunities to share and develop knowledge and network.
Berkshire, United Kingdom

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"I am pleased to announce that IET Berkshire Network won the award for ‘Most rewarding new relationship with external stakeholders’. Our relationship with UTC Reading is proven to be fantastic. I am extremely grateful to my committee members and Michael Halliday, Business Relations Manager at UTC for their valuable contributions" Abhaya Sumanasena, Chairman



The 2019 committee members are:

Name                                    Responsibility

Dr. Abhaya Sumanasena     Chairman
Dooshiant Dyall                    Vice-Chairman and Webmaster
Kevin Lewis                          Treasurer
Andy Stickland                     Secretary
John Walker                         Events co-ordinator (overall)
Richard Hughes                   Schools Liaison's officer
Rob Scarr                             Events co-ordinator (process)
Eddie Maguire                     Committee member
Mike Court                           Committee member and UTC rep.
Arup Dhar                            Professional Registration Adviser
Anthony Bardos                   Committee member
Helen Rickerby                    Committee member
Atif Khan                              Committee member
Abraham Alex                      Committee member
Ammar Khalid                      Committee member
Subhas Chandra Rao B K   Committee member

Upcoming events



Presenters: Samuel Hyginus, Louise Batts, Cat Terrett and Joachim Toftegaard Hansen
The Berkshire Local Network PATW competition was held at UTC Reading on 21 st March 2019, but you could be forgiven for thinking that you had come to an Institution of Civil Engineers’ meeting, as three of the four presenters talked about civil engineering related subjects.   read more...
Posted by Rob Scarr on IET Berkshire Network Apr 4, 2019 6:56 pm BST



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