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Voyage to a Comet - 9th and 10th March

8d93a73b46798f576183b3e68d0db91e-huge-roAn overview of the Rosetta and Philae mission, the spacecraft and the science so far” 
Presented b Mark Bentley of the Institut für Weltraumforschung (IWF), Graz, Austria

9th March @ 16.15, ČVUT-FEL T2: D3-209
10th March @ 09.30, British Prague School

Comets have long been objects of mystery.  It was only with the armada  that visited comet Halley in 1987 that the bare nucleus of a comet was first observed,  showing a surface much darker and warmer than expected.  This brief but tantalising glimpse give rise to an audacious mission to not only rendezvous with,  but land on a comet nucleus;  Rosetta was born.  After a 10 year cruise, including 957 days in deep space hibernation, the Rosetta orbiter and it's lander Philae woke up in January 2014 for the final approach to Comet 67P/Churyumo –Gerasimenko.  In total there are 20 instruments on board Rosetta and Philae, many of which are entirely unique.  Between them the two vospacecraft have photographed, sniffed, grabbed and prodded the comet to  understand how it works, and to unlock the secrets of our early solar system.


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