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Join the IET communities in the Carribean.  Formed in 2009, the first Local Network in the Caribbean is the Trinidad and Tobago Network. There are approximately 225 IET members in the CSME, with about half of those in Trinidad and Tobago.  IET activities are also planned other countries in the Caribbean and South America so join this group to keep in touch.
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Welcome to the IET communities in the Carribean.  The Trinidad and Tobago Network is the first IET Local Network in the Caribbean and we are planning activities in other countries in the Caribbean and South America so join this group to keep in touch.

The 2015 PATW Americas Regional Finals was held in Trinidad and Tobago on the 25th July, the first ever for a Caribbean country and we thank all the members of the CC-A and the participants for coming to our beautiful twin-island for this prestigious event

Congratulations Robert Mayall, our Americas Regional representative, on winning the 2015 PATW Global Finals in London

Please check our events block for information on these and other activities for the year!

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A core engineering group within Shell in Trinidad & Tobago (formerly BG Trinidad & Tobago) has eagerly continued their drive to become internationally professional registered engineers and as the LN in Trinidad, we were pleased to lend our assistance.  The main theme of the seminar, on Monday 14th March, was the use of the IET's Career Manager in its ... read more...
Posted by Jason Rameshwar on IET Caribbean Network Mar 19, 2016 8:39 PM GMT


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