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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restriction measures we cannot hold physical lectures with audiences in attendance
Until further notice we will present our scheduled lectures online using the Zoom Webinar conferencing application
This app is available for both computers and smartphones etc. so you are warmly invited to our upcoming events


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Webinars Completed recently

See Video Footage of many past events. Check 'watch on demand' section and Youtube

27 July we carried out a very extensive Webinar which was a joint event between IET Ireland and the
Cable Station Museum at Hearts Content Newfoundland Canada. The webinar featured general and
technical presentations from both Canada and Ireland. The event also featured a film documentary
desribing the Cable Station history and equipment. A live two-way Morse exchange was also included

27 May Dr Jaculine Walker  presented a most engaging lecture tracing the measurement and observation
of time, starting from the very earliest crude instruments right up to the use of atomic clocks and the
co-ordination of World time by Satellite and Communication sytems.  Really amazing how we can take the
familiar for granted!

27 April Dr Elizabeth Bruton, Curator of Technology and Engineering at the Science Museum, London,
outlined the role of women in 
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and many of the
challenges that they had to face to gain recognition and equality with their male counterparts.

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13 April we held a joint event with IET France where Kieran French in Ireland and Yann Delanne
in France
outlined the technical requirements and the route planning procedures for the Celtic
Electricity interconnector between Ireland and France. They also gave an update on the current
status of the premissions and contracts for the progression of the project.

23 March Mike Mason outlined the benefits and the sustainability associated with the use of
Ammonia as an aviation propulsion fuel in the future. He also outlined some of the possible
alternatives and discussed the particular challenges that will be associated with them

23 February Séamus Doyle presented an extensive and intense lecture on
the History of Radio Aids to Navigation and discussed some future developments

19 January the incoming chair person's address was given by Aidan Langley and assisted by
Darryl Gwilliam where they discussed the machinery and the procedures for the inspection,
maintenance and upgrading of railway tracks.

12 November Professor Nigel Linge traced the development and the use of the Camera Phone or
indeed the 'camera with a phone' which the latest developments and use of the smartphone have led. 

24 November Professor Gerry Farrell presented an excellent talk on the development
and the use of fibre optic systems for both communication and systems monitoring.

Footage of those events, if available, will appear on the 'watch on demand' section of the site.



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According to Ireland’s Health and Safety Authority “In Ireland, there have been 40 electrocutions or deaths from the explosive/burning effects of electricity from 2001 to the end of 2020. Of those, 25 deaths have been associated with a work activity”. It doesn’t seem very many, but one fatality a year represents a loved-one lost, doing their job. Electrical safety in organisations is often the responsibility of non-electrically qualified staff, from facilities managers up to company directors. Is that you? If so, are you confident you know how to manage your organisation’s electrical risk?   read more...
Posted by Lynsay Callaghan on IET Ireland Network Jul 16, 2021 1:37 pm BST


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