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5 October 17:45 Dublin, Mont Clare Hotel
AGM and 2017/18 Programme launch
Chairperson's Address


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Valentia Island celebration on 27 July 2017
The IET committee members in conjuctiion with local Island co-operation held a commemorative event to celebrate the operation of the Trans-Atlantic cable which first successfully operated on 27 July 1866. The signals were exchanged between the cable station on Valentia Island Ireland on the edge of the great Atlantic Ocean and the American Continent
cable station at Hearts Content Newfoundland Canada.

0fbef533002ad2e4fcf335bf7a514231-huge-caThis building was the Valentia Island cable station which acted as a major hub for trans-Continental communications for one hundred years from the mid 1800s up to 1966 when more modern communications systems rendered it obselete. One more time at 14:30 this year the dit-dah sounds of Morse code eminated from this Historic building and a live contact and messages were again exchanged between Valentia and Hearts Content. A very appreciative live audience was present at both cable stations.

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This bollard and its direct replica were erected in Valentia and Hearts Content to celebrate the laying and successful
operation of the Trans-Atlanic cable, the first message over which was exchanged on 27 July 1866 at 14:30 (Approx.)

d4cae005d45c829dbd015794c793565b-huge-ga  Dr Ivan Ganchev, presented 'Cognative Radio Systems' lecture at our IET event in UL 8 March. Footage available on our youtube channel

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Do you know an outstanding volunteer? The IET Volunteer Medal was awarded for the first time in  2015  and recognises the importance of volunteers to the IET in its mission to inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community. The award is open to all individuals who have been engaged in an IET volunteering role for  at least one year  and ... read more...
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