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Our Latest Webinars

1fa981a05cb1d159e899ddc87928418b-huge-naDon't forget to register for the Satellite Technical Network webinar which has been organised to coincide with World Space Week 2020, 'Satellites Improve Life', to be given by Steve Moran, Senior Sales Director - Civil Agencies, Spire Global Inc. 

This webinar will be beneficial to aerospace students, researchers, and engineers in industry and government who are interested in space-based systems and the application of Earth observations to reduce risk, make data-driven decisions, improve predictive models, and solve logistics challenges.  For further details and to register for this webinar please click here.

3086e174284940be7f84636f0747492b-huge-keIf you missed our ‘Satellite Technology for More Autonomous & Sustainable Civil Aerospace' on 22 September 2020 you can still register to access this OnDemand.  769759cdbe6e5d4b307a313e60c15405-huge-sa
Details can be found in our Webinar Hub below for this and all our other Technical Webinars.  

There's some interesting webinars coming up on the topic of Quantum Engineering so don't forget to check those out on the Hub.

Don’t forget to check out our Webinar Hub for details of all the other IET Technical Network webinars and you can even catch up with content from previous webinars if you missed registering for these the first-time around. 
Aerospace Partnership
The IET Aerospace Technical Network have formed a partnership with the IMechE Aerospace Division and the RAeS. 

Please click here for further details of the IMechE's Aerospace webinars.


f71c1d087066b24fbf6e4351cfe724eb-huge-saSafeguarding Earth's Space Environment Conference
Members of the Community may also be interested in the above afternoon online conference organised by our colleagues at the RAeS on 9-10 September 2020. For further details on this conference and to register please click here.

9491333ea66af4e4223cda97649c483a-huge-raes-banner.jpgPlease also note that the RAeS Unmanned Air Mobility Conference 2020 has now been moved to 30 September - 1 October 2020.
Click here for further details of the latest RAeS Newsletter. 

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Our Special Friday guest!
The volunteers from the IET Aerospace and Satellite Technical Professional Networks were pleased to be invited by the IET Swindon Local Network to join them on their stand once again, which was one of the largest in the Techno Zone this year. read more...
Posted by Deborah-Claire McKenzie on IET Aerospace Network Aug 15, 2019 1:03 pm BST


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