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The Aerospace Network is the principal point of reference for IET members and non-members engaged in electronics, electrical, production and systems engineering within the international aerospace community.


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Futures Day at Farnborough
The Aerospace Network would like to draw community members attention to Futures Day at Farnborough on 15 July 2016.
If you know of anyone who is interested in a career in Aerospace, then please draw their attention to this blog post 


All Electric Aircraft Seminar Technical Insight
We have now produced a TechBite following on from our AEA Seminar earlier this year.  
Please click here to access the resources from this and other related events.

The Rosetta Spacecraft Seminar – unlocking the secrets of the solar systemf72b4478d3111a7ea0dbb8639ffdcf77-huge-ro
23 June 2016 – London – 18.00-20.20
This event will highlight the latest results, while also showcasing the advanced engineering and mission design that has been needed to ensure the spacecraft survived its long eleven-year journey from Earth to the outer solar system. Early registration for this event is advisable, to avoid disappointment. 


fba6d11415a238efc09d1e928f7afb3a-huge-huHave you ever wondered what happens to a human body at 9G?
Then Click here to find out in our excellent videos recorded at QinetiQ Farnborough. In additon to the Human Centrifuge video, there are videos on the MarsExo Rover Clean Room Testing and the Thrusters used on the Mercury Mission.


The Aerospace Network is part of the Aerospace Partnership along with the IMechE and RAeS.
Please see below to access the latest Aerospace news/events from these Institutions.

March 2016 update from the IMechE Aerospace Divison  a9fb4f55b5f1eebb77a1071b274fdac4-huge-aerospace-header-imeche.jpg


Catch-up with the latest Newsletter from the Royal Aeronautical Society 9491333ea66af4e4223cda97649c483a-huge-raes-banner.jpg


Updates from the ADS in India
Click here to view the latest newsletter.

Upcoming events


Taking place at the famous Farnborough International Airshow, Futures Day will demonstrate the many exciting and rewarding career opportunities that are available in the Aerospace and Defence sectors. -We’ll get your pulse racing with a spectacular three and a half hour flying display -Network with companies who employ trainees, apprentices, ... read more...
Posted by Deborah-Claire McKenzie on IET Aerospace Network May 6, 2016 10:40 AM BST


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