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The Aerospace Network is the principal point of reference for IET members and non-members engaged in electronics, electrical, production and systems engineering within the international aerospace community.


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Addressing Ageing Aircraft Sustainment Issues Seminar
The final programme can now be viewed here for our seminar on 26 October 2016.

Call for Experts - Please see this post in the Ask the Experts discussion forum which requires responses from Aerospace professionals.

Ask the Experts on Ageing Aircraft Sustainment Issues - here's an opportunity to post questions for our Panel of Experts if you're not able to attend the seminar on 26 October.  One of our volunteers has also put together a list of museums/trusts where you can view Ageing/Vintage Aircraft some of them in an airworthy condition, click here to see the list and please add in your comments/further suggestions for other places to visit.

A Welcome Message for the 2016-17 session giving an update on recent events and some excellent events coming up can be found in this blog from Deborah-Claire McKenzie, Aerospace Community Manager

Our Next Events

c781c2e30db21164a8b7a444eb8ada7b-huge-imWinning Concurrent Product Development Evening Seminar
14 November 2016 - Rolls Royce Leisure Association, Derby

Please click here for further details and how to register for this seminar which will examine some recent case studies from leading companies to see what is working for them, from concept to production.

Please help your community to market this event by forwarding this flyer to your colleagues.


Rosetta Spacecraft the end of a Mission

 Earlier in the summer the Aerospace, Satellite Systems & Applications and Robotics & Mechatronics TPNs joined together to organise an evening seminar on the Rosetta Mission.  The two presenters Dr Paolo Ferri and Dr Mark Bentley  agreed to answer questions on the mission, so please go to our discussion forum where you can post your questions and view the presentation slides here.

The Aerospace Network is part of the Aerospace Partnership along with the IMechE and RAeS.
Please see below to access the latest Aerospace news/events from these Institutions.

August 2016 update from the IMechE Aerospace Divison  a9fb4f55b5f1eebb77a1071b274fdac4-huge-aerospace-header-imeche.jpg


Here's the October Newsletter from the Royal Aeronautical Society 9491333ea66af4e4223cda97649c483a-huge-raes-banner.jpg


Upcoming Events


With our Addressing Ageing Aircraft Sustainment Issues Seminar  coming up on 26 October, one of our volunteers has started this list of Aircraft Clubs/Trusts in relation to Vintage Aircraft, some of which are still airworthy. Apart from the wellknown ones like: Shuttleworth Collection at Biggleswade, Beds  IWM Duxford , Cambridge  Fleet Air Arm ... read more...
Posted by Deborah-Claire McKenzie on IET Aerospace Network Oct 14, 2016 11:07 AM BST


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