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This is the London area group, covering Central London (Savoy Place), East London, Harrow, Hammersmith,Teddington and of course our Young Professionals. All of our events are free and non-members are welcome. Make some useful contacts, improve your career and join us!
London, WC2R 0BL
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Warwick Summer School 2019 - Sun 14 July – Sat 3 August

What is WSS and what do our students say? See the video and our WSS experience page

Recommended by 99% of our Summer School Alumni!

Applications for our 2019 Warwick Summer School in collaboration with St Mary’s are now open following our immensely successful and fun 2018 Summer School which saw students experiencing:
  • a taste of the University of Warwick’s outstanding teaching;
  • the chance to engage with high profile academics and speakers and
  • the excitement of London life for a few weeks

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Explaining the benefits of blockchain
"Zero knowledge proof is reshaping Blockchain" discussed Adi Ben-Ari of Applied Blockchain at the IET Central London evening lecture held at IET Savoy Place titled ‘IET Blockchain Applications in the real world’. Adi gave examples of many different Blockchain applications in the real world and how they differ in using the same Blockchain technology mechanisms. Some take advantage by entering values within the empty spaces and use it to store and communicate information, whilst others take advantage of other characteristics of Blockchain such as immutable properties, distributed database and asset management. read more...
Posted by Rimesh Patel on IET London Network Nov 15, 2019 10:22 am GMT



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  • Prioritising and managing risk in public transport 0 Comparing levels of safety risk across transport modes and within mode across countries is difficult, but essential. Fortunately, three steps in measuring, prioritising and managing risk apply to all modes of Transport: first, ...
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