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2f382e640c26e22477d93649a5aa43d1-huge-swManaged by groups of volunteers, the Swindon Network strives to raise awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths through locally focused talks, events and visits.


Welcome to the IET Swindon Network online community!
Our engineering and technology events are open to the public and most are FREE to attend - everybody's welcome! .
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      Swindon 2017-2018 Events Programme     


The Swindon 2017-2018 Events Programme is currently being put together.
The events will be released in phases, the first two phase for this year are listed in the downloadable pamphlets on the left and appear below under Events..

Once available, to register for an event;  click on the event below and follow the More info and to register link in the event description and look for the  Register  button.

Note: the Visit to Fundementals Ltd planned for 12th December, has been postponed due the severe weather conditions that require Fundementals' staff to be involved in emergency grid support work so they will not be available to support our visit.  It is hoped the visit will now be rearranged for January 2018, date to be confirmed.



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IET Swindon Network joined with other educational organisations and local employers to provide career guidance to students and parents. Our education display table was well visited throughout the afternoon with much interest in the “Tomorrow’s Engineers” Career Route Map. My thanks to Ian Martin for his help which allowed us from time to time to ... read more...
Posted by Raymond Lewington on IET Swindon Network Nov 26, 2017 5:25 pm GMT



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