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2f382e640c26e22477d93649a5aa43d1-huge-swWelcome to the IET Swindon Network online community! Our engineering and technology focused events and visits are open to the public and most are FREE to attend - everybody's welcome.
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d64ee2e41c45370491e15d2fd413063f-huge-20Swindon 2019 Phase 1 Events Pamphlet   *NEW*
In addition to the pamphlet all events are listed below as they become available to register for.
Unfortunately, at the moment, you need to log into the Swindon Community to see the events listing and then register.

    New venue and date for the Present Around the World Competition of 25th February 2019

Note: Swindon New College based events, enter via the main entrance.

New Event for April
Swindon19-07 AutoAir - Connecting Autonomous Vehicles, follow up
Do autonomous vehicles need to be connected? Can they be connected? Given that mobile coverage on Britain’s roads is at best patchy, what is the prognosis? These questions and more will be answered in the context of the Millbrook AutoAir project.
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Past Events
Past event related information, including slides can be found here.


See below for information on our past events, including links to the presentation slide decks (where available). read more...
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