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Supporting the further development of technical knowledge in the wider public community, schools and universities via planned and funded programmes.

The SEM TN started out in 1974 as the IEE Scotland Science, Education & Management Section to represent in Scotland that Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) D  Divisional Board through events, Board and PG membership. This representation continued with the establishment of  Management and Science, Education & Technology Boards promoting events, contributing to IEE consultations and continued development of Schools Liaison across Scotland trough support of the School Liaison Representative Network.

The SEM TN continue to promote activities across the broad scope of the disciplines represented with particular emphasis of improving the co-ordination of the many initiatives


Engineering -  it could be just a plain old 9 to 5 role........ or if you want, it could be designing and (if your very lucky) test & trials of this project!,152UG,3X0S07,3O6Q8,1

Prince's Trust:

Britain experiencing a golden age of engineering?


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