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With a visualization for gathering Electrical Engineers in Bahrain, IET-Bahrain Network was established and lunched on 1994, under the name of IEE-Bahrain center.  The center was officially opened under the patronage of the Minster of Power and Water, during that time.  IEE, has placed itself at Bahrain Society of Engineers (BSE) in Manama for an office. IET Bahrain Local Network has gone through a number of stages of developments, in addition to large number of activities that indeed served the Electrical and Electronics engineering professional in Bahrain.  Not to mention the fact, IEE-Bahrain chapter has been involved and helped in organizing three large conferences, 1995, 2000, 2008.  As Bahrain is now undergoing major development within context of construction, highways, and other industrial development at this moment,  this will rather dictates the fact,  IET Bahrain LN should play a major role in terms of resolving issues related to Engineering and Technology.

Bahrain LN Contacts:
Twitter Account:  @IET_Bahrain
Tel:  (00973) 17810724 /17727100      Fax: (00973) 17827475 / 17729819,      email:
Bahrain IET LN Office,  Bahrain Society of Engineers,   P.O. Box-835,  Manama, Juffair,  Kingdom of Bahrain.
Bahrain IET LN Office
Bahrain Society of Engineers
Manama, Manama __

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Cybersecurity Challenges and Predictions 7:00 p.m.  Seminar Hall, Bahrain IET Local Network BSE, Juffair,  Kingdom of Bahrain. Sunday 25 Sept. 2016.  Speaker:   Hakem B. Isa,  Executive Security Advisor IBM, USA. Abstract:  Cybersecurity Challenges and Predictions:  A new security reality is here, where… Sophisticated attackers break ... read more...
Posted by Ebrahim Mattar on IET Bahrain Local Network Sep 18, 2016 7:51 AM BST

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