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With a visualization for gathering Electrical Engineers in Bahrain, IET-Bahrain Network was established and lunched on 1994, under the name of IEE-Bahrain center. The center was officially opened under the patronage of the Minster of Power and Water during that time. The IEE when it was established,   it has taken the Bahrain Society of Engineers (BSE) in Manama as location for its office.  Bahrain LN has gone through a number of stages of development in addition to large number of activities that indeed served the Electrical and Electronics engineering professional in Bahrain. Not to mention the fact, the IEE-Bahrain Network during that time have been involved and helped in organizing three large conferences, 1995, 2000, 2008.  As Bahrain is now undergoing major development within the context of construction, highways, and other industrial development at this moment,  this will rather dictate the fact that IET Bahrain Network is to play a major role in terms of resolving issues related to Engineering and Technology to professional bodies in Bahrain.  Nevertheless, the issue of modern technology and its relation to the profession, have put a huge burden over shoulders of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Bahrain IET Office
Bahrain Society of Engineers
Juffair, , Manama, P. O. Box 835. __


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