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Managed by volunteers the Network aims to raise awareness of science, engineering and technology in the local area and promote membership of the IET. All Network events are open to the public and most are free of charge.
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Smart Meters conference - University of Salford, ABERG  .

The Smart Meters lab focuses on the research and development of integrated systems where data from the Smart Meters as well as data from the other smart home devices are utilised in order to provide solutions in relation to energy saving and cost saving for the consumer. This integrated approach incorporates: (i) communication between the server of our lab with the servers of the Smart Meter providers as well as with the servers of the other smart devices in order to acquire data and
(ii) utilisation of the acquired data through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for decision-making related to energy and cost savings for the consumer. In terms of infrastructure, the Smart Meters lab offers a wide variety of Smart Meters installed, Smart Home appliances (Fridge/freezer, washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner etc.), Smart Speakers etc.; all devices have their own API.


The Manchester Literary & Philosophical Society will be organising the Manchester Lecture about the BABY Computer in June 2018
Everyone will be welcome to come along.  It is a ticketed event but only so the museum knows how many to expect.
Plans are almost finalised for the Manchester Lecture 2018, which will be given by Dr James Sumner on computing in Manchester as part of the 70th Anniversary of 'The Baby' computer.

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The IET has an active Local Network (LN) representation all over the world and a number of LNs in the North England region are currently looking for new volunteers to join their committees.  read more...
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