IES | AFEO SUSTAINABLE CITY Webinar supported by Industry 4.0 Technical Network Malaysia 27174
IES | AFEO SUSTAINABLE CITY Webinar supported by Industry 4.0 Technical Network Malaysia
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This webinar session is organized by IES for AFEO Work Group and supported by IET IR4.0 TN Malaysia.

Topic: Singapore's Sustainable City Planning and Development

Singapore adopts a Whole-Of-Government (WOG) approach in advancing Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development. This is cardinal to strengthen Singapore’s economic, climate and resource resilience, improve the living environment of Singaporeans, and to bring in new businesses and job opportunities. 

The Webinar provides a broad overview of the strategies that each Government Agency undertakes to plan and integrate sustainable and green design in the development of our projects.

  • Mr. Yam Yujian
          Topic Synopsis: As Singapore’s land use planning and conservation authority, URA takes a long-term and strategic planning approach to manage Singapore’s limited land supply. The webinar will share how URA applies core planning principles of sustainability and stewardship to make Singapore more liveable, sustainable, and resilient for current and future generations.
  • Mr. Calvin Chung
           Topic Synopsis: As the developer and master planner of industrial estates for Singapore, JTC leads and collaborates across government agencies, businesses and industry partners in adopting environmentally sustainable practices across the entire life cycle of our industry spaces and innovation districts development and operation. JTC’s ongoing sustainability effort will contribute to the SG Green Plan pillars and strengthen Singapore’s economic and climate resilience, and bring new business to create job opportunities.
  • Mr. Tan Sze Tiong
           Topic Synopsis: As Singapore builds on the remarkable physical development over the past50 years, the rapid urbanization has led to evolving challenges and needs throughout HDB’s journey in housing the nation. As the largest developer in Singapore, HDB has been on the constant look out for smart and sustainable solutions across the public housing value chain from planning and design, to construction and maintenance, with the aim of providing affordable, quality housing and a great living environment where communities thrive.
  • Ms. Chong Mien Ling
Topic Synopsis: The Singapore water story began with an obsession to ensure an adequate water supply. Years on, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, through diversification of Singapore’s water resources and active demand management, has built up a resilient and  reliable water system. In the face of challenges like climate change, PUB continues to seek  innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure that our water system remains resilient and  sustainable in the long term.

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Date & time
Friday 7 May 2021 10:00am +08
End date & time
Friday 7 May 2021 11:30am +08
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