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Towards Agriculture Automation: Precision Farming for Rice Production in Malaysia
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Paddy is one of the major agrofood commodities in Malaysia with a planted area of 685,548 hectares and a production of about 2.57 million tonnes nationwide in 2017 (MOA, 2017). This represented a production value of about RM 2.88 billion. The self-sufficiency level in Malaysia for this crop hovered around 70% from the year 2008 – 2017 with an average yield of 3.75 tonnes per hectare.

The National Agrofood Policy [NAP] 2011-2020 was introduced by the government to address three main issues; food supply and safety, competitiveness and sustainability of the industry, and increasing the income level of its target groups (MOA, 2011).  Precision farming is a technology that has the potential to address issues mentioned above. It incorporates information and technology to achieve site-specific crop management.

Speaker: Ir Dr. Badril Abu Bakar   
               Senior Researcher

Ir. Dr. Badril Abu Bakar is currently a senior researcher at the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Instittute. He specializes in precision farming and artificial intelligence. He is currently active in contributing towards the modernization of the Malaysian agriculture sector through developing Industry 4.0 ready systems.  His passion is to employ artificial intelligence in agricultural systems to increase productivity. He has 15 years of engineering experience in multiple fields. He has worked in the UK as an instrumentation engineer building autonomous surface vehicles. He has also worked in the oil and gas industry installing safety shutdown systems. 

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Tuesday 4 August 2020 10:00am +08
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Tuesday 4 August 2020 11:15am +08
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