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Combustion vs. electrified powertrains: The future of tribology and lubrication
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Our speaker Dr Mathias Woydt, Board Member, The German Society for Tribology and Managing Director, MATRILUB, Germany will address the webinar around this question: 'Should we stop working on fuels and lubricants for mobility?'

The items to be covered to answer that question will be:
  • Long-term forecast of global vehicle pool
  • Issues related to electrified powertrains: scarcity in resources, CO2eq. emissions of resources
  • Components still to be lubed in electrified powertrains
  • New fluids and fluid concepts for electrified powertrains
  • Hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines; the lubricant question?
  • Particulate emissions of e-vehicles and combustion engines from brakes, tyres and roads
  • The role of friction reduction for either range extension and energy consumption

Dr. Mathias Woydt studied and received his Ph.D. from the Berlin University of Technology. Currently he is a Board member of The German Society for Tribology (Gesellschaft für Tribologie e.V. – GfT) and Managing Director of MATRILUB, Germany. 

Dr Woydt has more than 51 co-authored patent applications underline the technological orientation focused on functional properties in products. He is recipient of the ASTM award of Excellence.

He has more than 340 reviewed industrial and scientific papers were published in German, English and French. The publications generated more than 2,200 citations. HIRSCH factor is 26. Monograph of 2nd edition of “Tribology Handbook”, edited two books and several ASTM STPs. 24 invited contributions appeared in books, handbooks, and encyclopaedias.

Participation in twelve European R&D projects, eleven projects from the Federal German Ministries and in fifteen projects from the German Science Foundation.

He is lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin for Tribology. He was 34 years as head of division "Tribology&Wear Protection" with BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin.

Dr Woydt lead the expert studies of the German Society for Tribology  entitled:

a. Tribology in Germany: Interdisciplinary technology for the reduction of CO2-emissions and the conservation of resources, 2019 and

b. Wear protection and sustainability as cross-sectional challenges, 2021.
Date & time
Thursday 6 May 2021 11:00am BST
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Thursday 6 May 2021 12:00pm BST
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