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Impact of quantum computing on Security Frameworks
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Modern digital systems, devices and networks are the key enablers of commercial and government operations.  Yet, they are under constant attack from cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors with the looming challenge of a new threat vector arising from the development of Quantum Computers.  In this presentation, Mike will discuss Quantum Computers, their capabilities and the threat they represent to current security frameworks.  We’ll also discuss the global efforts underway to evolve standards and introduce new technologies that will maintain or improve the safeguards against today’s attacks while preparing for the threats to come.

Learn about:

Quantum threats to security frameworks
New Cyber Threat vectors created
Global Efforts underway to evolve standards
Interim safeguards

Date & time
Thursday 21 October 2021 7:15pm BST
End date & time
Thursday 21 October 2021 9:00pm BST
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Date & time: 21/10/21 19:15:00 BST