Quantum Communications Technologies 26272
Quantum Communications Technologies
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The internet is built on the world's current secure communications infrastructure. However, we know that aspects of this are under threat from the emergence of quantum computers. This vulnerability provides a driver for the engineering of new, future-proof, practical, secure communications -- with commercialisation potential and compatibility with existing infrastructure. Work is underway to deliver such technologies, by developing existing prototype quantum-secure technologies beyond their current limitations and combining these with new cryptographic techniques resistant to quantum computer threat. This work is establishing new, "quantum safe" communications technologies and services in the UK, feeding their future expansion, competitiveness, diversification and sustainability.

Tim Spiller will explain the role of the Quantum Communications Hub, part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, in the development of these new technologies and services. Jonathan Legh-Smith will give BT's perspective on the commercial imperative for quantum-secured communications.

Presenters: Professor Tim Spiller and Jonathan Legh-Smith
Date & time
Tuesday 10 November 2020 2:00pm GMT
End date & time
Tuesday 10 November 2020 3:00pm GMT
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Date & time: 10/11/20 14:00:00 GMT