IET 2019 International Automation & Control Enhancing Innovation Competition (ACEiC) 23557
IET 2019 International Automation & Control Enhancing Innovation Competition (ACEiC)
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The IET International ACEiC is coming back! This year's competition brings together locally or internationally students under the guidance of lecturers / professors. The theme of this year competition is Embracing the Change of I.R 4.0

Organised jointly with UNITEN IET On Campus

About IET International ACEiC 2019

IET International ACEiC 2019 is a competition participated by postgraduate and undergraduate students from international and local universities in developing a product or study, fulfilling Industrial Revolution 4.0. This competition is designed as one of the efforts to minimize the gap between the university and industry player mainly in automation and control Industry. It is also an excellent platform for sharing creative thinking results and raises innovation product creativity from research and development (R&D) ideas in automation and control area.

Participants are encouraged to apply their knowledge to create a functional prototype in addressing industrial problems based on the development in available technologies, but are not limited to Internet of Things, programming skills, robotics and automation design.

In the meantime, we are also looking for judges for the event. At final stage, participants are required to present their idea and knowledge to the respective judges.

How to participate:

•    Gather a team of 3.
•    Submit your design abstract by 30th August 2019.
•    Give us few days for screening process and we will get back to you on the notice of acceptance.
•    Prepare yourself for the final round on 14th and 15th October 2019!

For students who interested to participate please email

For Professional Engineers who would like to volunteer as judges please email
Date & time
Monday 14 October 2019
End date & time
Tuesday 15 October 2019
Dewan Seri Sarjana

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Date & time: 14/10/19