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Internet voting – do the challenges outweigh the benefits?
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The debate around internet voting in the UK has been ongoing for years, with campaigners for and against discussing the benefits and challenges presented. In recent years there has been experimentation with online voting, most notably in Estonia where 43.8% of voters voted online during the 2019 European Elections. However, this is not promoted in the UK as a case study example of how to vote online. Why is this, and should we look for other online voting experiences?

This webinar will debate the issues surrounding internet voting, accessibility, and effectiveness. It will examine real case studies to show different sides of the discussion and reflect on the ability and preparedness of the UK in holding online elections.

In this webinar, we will examine:

•    The benefits and challenges surrounding internet voting in the UK.
•    Issues surrounding accessibility.
•    The effectiveness of internet voting and potential impact in the UK.
•    The experiences of online voting in elections.
•    Cybersecurity issues and accountability of internet elections.
•    The future of voting.

You can also read our report, Internet voting in the UK, that discusses the technical and societal issues that will need to be addressed if the UK wishes to move towards an online electoral system in the future. In our EngShort, Internet voting: why can’t I vote online?, we also look at whether technology is ready to offer internet voting in a safe and secure way. 

Date & time
Thursday 6 May 2021 2:00pm BST
End date & time
Thursday 6 May 2021 3:00pm BST
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