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Project Failure and How to Avoid it
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The latest in our series of project controls webinars moves away from the tools and techniques of project controls and takes a look at why projects fail, and, most importantly, how that can be avoided. Starting by defining what is failure for a project and examining the different types of failure, it will show the difference between a fatal failure and a non-fatal failure. 

It will then go on to look at the various causes of failure and how they can be managed using robust project controls. It will show how failure can happen in different stages of the project lifecycle and how not using the different project controls tools can cause different types of failure. It will also include what the consequences of different causes of failure are likely to be. 

Some examples will be used to illustrate the types of failure and the strategies that were employed to rescue projects and keep alive, where failure is not an option. It will discuss when to abandon a project and when to keep going. Reasons will be given why big high profile projects always seem to fail, or do they really? 
Date & time
Wednesday 14 April 2021 2:00pm BST
End date & time
Wednesday 14 April 2021 3:00pm BST
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