The Engineers of the Roman Army 21831
The Engineers of the Roman Army
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The first bridge at Rochester was constructed by the Roman military machine, which was the finest in the ancient world. Its legionaries, auxiliaries and naval milites were renowned warriors, winning victory after victory as the Empire expanded to its maximum extent.

In this lecture, award-winning author Simon Elliott will explain how the military also provided the Roman State with all of its engineering and construction skills and expertise, and this is writ large across the Empire with the many Roman roads, fortifications, public buildings and other infrastructure.

Dr Simon Elliott is an historian, archaeologist and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent where he studied for his PhD in Archaeology on the subject of the Roman military in Britain. He frequently gives talks on Roman themes and is co-Director at a Roman villa excavation and is a Trustee of the Council for British Archaeology.

The lecture is at 8pm and is preceeded by an optional dinner. Ticket options are for with the lecture only or dinner and lecture.
Date & time
Thursday 4 April 2019 6:30pm BST
End date & time
Thursday 4 April 2019 9:30pm BST
Pomme d'Or Hotel
St Helier, JE1 3UF
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