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Rise of the drones
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The Rise of the Drones will tell the fascinating story of how radiation monitoring took the air with advanced drone technology to enable the safe monitoring of the hazardous environment around Fukushima.

Drones have applications to all of industry and can be used for both outdoor and indoor surveys to assist with condition monitoring and other tasks at sites in otherwise difficult to access locations. Drones can provide a rapid response to access a problem that could take hours to reach with scaffolding.

Compared to the helicopter type drones that may last minutes to a few hours, when using airship technology a drone can stay in the air for days or longer.

Professor Tom Scott MSci Hons(Bristol), PhD. Developed and deployed the Advanced Airborne Radiation Monitoring (AARM) system which won the 2014 RAEng ERA award for innovation

The lecture is at 8pm and is preceeded by an optional dinner. Ticket options are for with the lecture only or dinner and lecture.
Date & time
Thursday 14 March 2019 6:30pm GMT
End date & time
Thursday 14 March 2019 9:30pm GMT
Pomme d'Or Hotel
St Helier, JE1 3UF
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