Technical Seminar: AI To Help The Disabled 24273
Technical Seminar: AI To Help The Disabled
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AI can help lots of people. In particular, the disabled may gain a wider and deeper access to the intemet and tackle the barriers in face to face communications through AI. In the first part of this seminar, the speaker will give an overview of the pain points the disabled may face in acquiring information and extending social reach in a community and how AI have the power to become a great boon to them. The speaker will also further describe the solution in detail. In the second part, another speaker will pick a component of the solution (Lip Reading or Sign Language) and explain the specific deep neural network model in depth, which would be of much fun for those with interests in deep neural network algorithm and its application.
Date & time
Wednesday 18 December 2019 7:15pm GMT
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Wednesday 18 December 2019 8:15pm GMT
HKPC lecture theater/classroom
HKPC lecture theater/class room
Hong Kong, 000000
Hong Kong
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