Technical Webinar on LiDAR Sensing Technology and Application 27171
Technical Webinar on LiDAR Sensing Technology and Application
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Create and verify BIM (As-built model) that correspond to the final built condition, which may be aided by methods including but not limited to laser scanning and field capturing. LiDAR sensing technologies is one of the verification tools for BIM process. This webinar will introduce you the LiDAR sensing technologies and their applications such as the mobile mapping, robotic and autonomous driving etc. This webinar will also provide insights on how LiDAR technology helping project engineers to track the progress of construction work Periodic tracking the planned schedule against the rapid scanning of as-built status of the construction work by the LiDAR system can help project engineers to monitor the project performance in order to minimize the risk of delay on the construction workflow. It will cover the following: - • What is LiDAR sensing technology and how does it work? • LiDAR applications • Progress monitoring of construction working using LiDAR Mobile Mapping System.
Date & time
Thursday 13 May 2021 7:00pm HKT
End date & time
Thursday 13 May 2021 8:00pm HKT
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Hong Kong
Hong Kong, 00000
Hong Kong
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Date & time: 13/05/21 19:00:00 HKT