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NEH Algorithm
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Are you into Engineering, Computing, Defence, Computer Systems and Communication? Then this is surely for you.

IEEE ITU Student Branch and IET On Campus ITU in collaboration brings for you a webinar on NEH Algorithm by Prof. Muhammad Nawaz.

NEH algorithm was founded because Flow-shop scheduling problem has been quiet an issue in the area of manufacturing systems. But the problem with the algorithm is that it takes a lot of time for the algorithm to find an approximate solution. However, the one of the founders of the algorithm, Prof. Muhammad Nawaz, will be speaking about the algorithm to encourage the young generation to amplify the algorithm and make use of the algorithm in multiple other situations to make the industry more efficient.

Prof. Muhammad Nawaz is an Industrial Engineer who completed his B Sc from UET and Masters from Penn State University, USA. He taught in UET Taxila for numerous years and soon after left for Australia in 1986. Mr. Nawaz authored the paper in 1983 that describes the NEH Algorithm which is named after its authors – Nawaz, Enscore and Ham. This paper is one of the most-cited research paper by a Pakistani academic/researcher that even after 38 years after its publication, the paper gets at least 150 Google Scholar citations every year. The Algorithm has gotten several variations for various problems which makes it so marvellous.

Date and Time: 10th April 2021, 2 pm (PST)
Platform: Google Meet
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Date & time
Saturday 10 April 2021 2:00pm PKT
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Saturday 10 April 2021 5:00pm PKT
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