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Quantum Technology (QT), like cyber technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), is a broad group of technologies that have the potential to unlock enormous technical and business opportunity.  The defining characteristic of QT is the ability to manipulate unique properties of atoms.  This enables a wide range of applications, from more accurate ways of sensing the environment to revolutionising computing.

Dr. Paul Martin is a Partner at PA Consulting’s Global Innovation and Technology Centre in Melbourn near Cambridge.  His role is to lead innovation and research strategies through to solution delivery and he is  currently the focus for QT at PA.  After gaining a MEng at the University of Bath and a PhD in DSP covering wireless communications, Paul was a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for several technology companies before joining PA.

Paul will present on the concept of and background to QT, current developments and its potential for the future.  He will give examples of where Quantum Technology can disrupt industries including the established area of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS).  Precision timing, improved inertial navigation and gravity navigation can and could be delivered effectively with QT. 

The combination of UK academic excellence and the Government investing £400 million has positioned the UK as a world leader in next generation quantum technologies (QT).  As well as the technical developments and opportunities, Paul will outline the business opportunities resulting from the UK's investment in the new area of technology.  

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Date & time
Thursday 21 February 2019 6:30pm GMT
End date & time
Thursday 21 February 2019 8:00pm GMT
Churchill College
Wolfson Theatre
Storey's Way
Cambridge, CB3 0DS
United Kingdom
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No charge
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