EMT3.2: Electromagnetics Tools, Techniques and Tricks 2.0 20985
EMT3.2: Electromagnetics Tools, Techniques and Tricks 2.0
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If you are an early-career engineer or student wanting to further your knowledge of electromagnetics, this high-level event will provide you with training and opportunities for discussion. A follow-up to the first successful event held in London in September 2017, the event will be conducted in a light hearted manner to maximise your engagement with the topic.

The theme of the event will be: 125 Years of “Electromagnetic Theory” to coincide with the anniversary of Heaviside’s book. We are pleased to be joined by Basil Mahon, the author of the book ‘The Forgotten Genius of Oliver Heaviside.’

The talks in the morning will cover the history and basics of Electromagnetics, looking at some of the key figures and ideas that have shaped the discipline.

During the afternoon you will take part in hands-on learning opportunities; three workshops conducted in a round-robin style, where you will have the chance to experience electromagnetic tools, techniques and tricks for yourself.

Date & time
Friday 19 October 2018
End date & time
Friday 19 October 2018
IET Austin Court
80 Cambridge Street
Birmingham, B1 2NP
United Kingdom


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Date & time: 19/10/18