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More Electric Aircraft
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More Electric Aircraft (MEA) applications demand high reliability, high availability, and high power density while aiming to reduce weight, complexity, fuel consumption, operational costs, and environmental impact. New electric driven systems can meet these requirements and also provide significant technical and economic improvements over conventional mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems.

This online event organised by IQPC will bring together stakeholders along the whole supply chain to discuss the fast paced developments for electric and hybrid aircraft architectures, systems and components, related technological challenges and opportunities up to commercial viability with the overall goal to support the industry on next generation aircraft design to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the environmental impact significantly.

Meet among others:
Olaf Otto, Head of Projects and Programs, Rolls-Royce Electrical, Rolls-Royce
Evgeni Ganev, Chief Engineer Electromechanical Power Systems, Honeywell International

Why you should attend:
Discuss power generation and electrical power management to understand risks and opportunities through electrification
Review battery design, simulation and thermal management for safe and high performing batteries
Learn more about the electrification of large planes
Get an overview on eVTOLs and the future of urban mobility
Hear more about multi physics system simulation to ensure robust system design
Date & time
Tuesday 16 June 2020
End date & time
Wednesday 17 June 2020
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Date & time: 16/06/20