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Behaviour Change and Energy Use
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A Live Webinar
Change and Energy Use

Event Day:
Monday the 1st of Nov. 2021, 5:00 pm Bahrain Local Time.  (Online)

Speaker: Dr. Ruchi Tyagi
Senior Associate Professor, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies,

About Topic:
Energy conservation reduces the use of energy because we will burn less fossil fuel to produce, and if we are burning
lesser fossil fuels, we are putting fewer emissions in the air. Getting people to use energy more efficiently also helps
in reducing the carbon footprint. Administrative & Corrective Measures have huge energy-saving potential. There is
an immediate return on investment when we adjust building controls and/or users’ habits to reduce energy
consumption. The presentation will explain low-cost energy conservation measures in the residential sector on small
island nations giving an example of Trinidad and Tobago. The low-cost energy conservation measures (LCECM) are
not much explored for saving power in Trinidad & Tobago’s residential consumption and leading to the opportunity
cost. There is therefore a need for a policymaker approach to enable low-cost energy conservation measures (LCECM)
in the scenario of staggering residential consumption. The effect of electricity tariff on residential energy consumption
and the effect of consumption category on energy consumption is also discussed.

Dr. Ruchi Tyagi is Senior Associate Professor, Department of General Management,
School of Business, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun, India.
Academically Postdoctoral on a project titled, "Low-cost Conservation Measures for
Energy Conservation in the residential sector of Trinidad and Tobago", at the University
of West Indies, St. Augustine campus collaborated by the Ministry of Planning and
Development, Government of Trinidad and Tobago. Dr Tyagi’s professional expertise is
Adjunct Professor (Honorary) at the Department of Utilities Engineering of the
University of Trinidad and Tobago (2021) and Honorary Prof. to the Nizhny Novgorod
Institute of Management and Business (2013). She was an invited speaker at a seminar
of IET-UK in Vancouver, Canada; Dept. of Ethics, Moscow State University, Nizhny
Novgorod Institute of Management and Business, Leningrad State University, Vladimir
University, Russian Federation. She has authored a book in the Hindi language, “Society,
Management and Ethics”. She is also a Reviewer to Journals like Energy Reports and
Energy Policy.

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Monday 1 November 2021 7:35am GMT
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Monday 1 November 2021 6:30pm GMT
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