HVDC VSC 24973
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Thursday 24/09/2020                                                    Evening
Presenters: Terklin Sinulingga, GE Lead Sales and Proposal Specialist
Synopsis: High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Introduction; comparison of High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) vs HVDC VSC and HVDC Line Commutated Converter (LCC) vs HVDC VSC; Single Line Diagram; VSC Configuration: Symmetrical monopole, Unsymmetrical monopole; Bipole, Multi-Terminal Direct Current (MTDC) and Back to Back; Design and operation VSC: Two level converter, three level converter and Multilevel modular converter (MMC); Layout Comparison between HVDC VSC vs HVDC LCC; control & protection VSC; Power transmission renewable energy; Project engineering study/design;  Factory and site testing and commissioning; economic comparison HVAC and HVDC system
Location: GT1&2 GE Stafford, The Lord Nelson Building, Redhill business park
Contact Emillia Kapfunde E: emillia.kapfunde@ge.com
Date & time
Thursday 24 September 2020 6:00pm BST
End date & time
Thursday 24 September 2020 9:00pm BST
GT1&2 GE Stafford, , Redhill business park
The Lord Nelson Building
Redhill business park
Stafford, Staffordshire ST16 1WS
United Kingdom
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Date & time: 24/09/20 18:00:00 BST