Quantum Communications Networks 26268
Quantum Communications Networks
Approved 3/200
Speaker: Dr. Siddarth Joshi, Bristol University

Quantum communications relies on a seemingly magical principle of entanglement of two distant particles. At Bristol University, Dr. Joshi's team have created a quantum network of eight receiver boxes at an extremely low cost.
The system then uses Quantum Key Distribution which ensures that communications using the system are free from cyber attacks.

Dr. Joshi will outline the design of the network and the way quantum physics technology has been developed.

As the system is developed there could be the promise of secure global networks being implemented at an affordable price.

Please download the poster from https://communities.theiet.org/communities/files/156/18705
Date & time
Thursday 14 October 2021 6:30pm BST
End date & time
Thursday 14 October 2021 7:30pm BST
Engineering omputing and Environment Buildingi
Covantry University
Coventry, CV1 5FB
United Kingdom
Category Lecture

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